Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

What Do You Get If You Sow Birdseed?

The local birds (and also chipmunks) are very happy with our bird feeder. At certain times of the day, the area around the feeder is positively mobbed, not just with small birds perching on the feeder itself, but larger birds like doves and quail availing themselves of the spoils knocked out of the feeder by the smaller birds.

Birds at the Feeder

There are multiple families of quail here, with the parents trying to shoo away any flock other than their own. I wonder what they made of the coffee grounds that I also dumped in the area where the birdseed is scattered?

Birds at the Feeder Birds at the Feeder

The birds spend a lot of time busily scratching away at the ground here.

They're going to be so disappointed when we go away for three weeks and stop refilling the feeder.
Tags: birds, house, wildlife
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