Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

T-Minus One Week

I did not concern myself with an alarm last night, woke up this morning when I did, made coffee in the room, had a cup of yogurt, and rather leisurely did my morning routine and then packed up and headed east. My timing being right to do so, I stopped for breakfast at the Rustic Table in Emigrant Gap, where they recognized me but apologized that my table was occupied. I enjoyed the breakfast anyway.

It was was a relatively routine drive home, but watching all of the heavy traffic going west made me glad I was going "counter-commute." I got home, unpacked, ran to Raley's for some groceries, and hope to get to bed early, for it's a regular work week ahead of me.

Current plans call for Lisa and me to leave next Sunday for the Bay Area, with us flying to Ireland the following day out of SFO.
Tags: travel

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