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Cashing In

Today I remembered to cash in for the Worldcon trip.

Cashing In

This is roughly €30 and £25 left over from previous European trips. I've been keeping this in a lock box upstairs and remembered to go retrieve it today on account of I'll have a chance to spend it again.

We would also have had around kr5,000 (worth about $40), but on our return from Iceland after the Helsinki Worldcon, we figured we'd be unlikely to be in Iceland again and converted it back to USD, despite the conversion charges, except for a bit of small change like a kr1 coin with a fish on it as a keepsake for Kuma Bear. I wish I'd known at the time that we'd decide to make another stopover in Reykjavik. After our first trip, we thought we'd had our fill of the city, but we decided that a few more days (this time we hope at a more comfortable hotel) might be nice. It would be even nicer if IHG ever managed to crack the Icelandic market.

Around 1:30 this afternoon I logged out of my work computer and am now officially on vacation until Labor Day. I walked over this afternoon and got a trim on my hair (and my eyebrows, which were starting to droop and foul my eyelashes!). Packing starts tonight and runs through Sunday. I'm trying to squeeze as much clothing as I can into airtight bags to make the most of my luggage space. It will be a challenge. I'm seriously considering paying the roughly $200 in excess luggage fees (round trip) to bring one extra bag between Lisa and me. We'll figure it out before we leave for Millbrae on Sunday.
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