Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Spinning My Wheels

I really wish we could have left already. I would have been happy to leave for Sacramento after work on Friday, spend the night there, then go to Millbrae on Saturday and fly out Sunday. But Icelandair only flies out of SFO Mo-We-Th-Sa, so that would not have worked. Also, our travel is shaped around using IHG points for the hotels in Dublin and Belfast, and I've used all of the points I had, so if we'd traveled two days earlier, I would have needed an additional (paid) reservation, and while that usually works, it's a hassle. (Indeed, I have an end-to-end reservation in Belfast between two different kinds of free night, and I'm concerned that it might cause trouble, but I'm hoping for the best.) Anyway, I've been pretty much ready to go for a couple of days now, and it is hard to hold myself back. Besides, the longer we aren't traveling, the longer we come up with reasons to worry and fret about things.

My luggage is packed except for overnight stuff that I'll put in tomorrow morning. It appears to all fit, even with my WSFS captain's uniform (including the hat, which fortunately has a hinge in it to fold somewhat flat) and the tripod for Lisa's camera for recording the Business Meeting, and the Gavel of WSFS. Both Lisa and I are taking a box for clothes we're wearing tomorrow and a change for the flight day (and the day we come back), so we can change at the hotel and put the box of things not going to Europe in the minivan. That way, I don't have to break open the semi-vacuum-sealed bags of clothing until we get to Dublin.

For the return, I remembered today to book our airport transfers from Keflavík to Reykjavik and to our hotel. I see that there's a public bus that's substantially cheaper than the FlyBus service, but I assume the public bus is less luggage-friendly. FlyBus will cost about US$130 for two, including the transfer to the nearest bus stop to our hotel (about 200 m walk, and I know where it is based on our previous trip).

I had put in a bid to get upgraded to Saga (business) class on Icelandair, and today got a notification that we did get upgraded for the relatively short (2 1/2 hr) trip from KEF to DUB, but there's no word yet on the SFO-KEF leg, which was the one we really wanted. At least we have a pair of seats in the 2-3-2 seating to ourselves, but the layout does mean that even if the flight isn't full, we're not going to have an empty seat between us, which is almost as good as having business class seats aside from the legroom.

I hope I'll feel better once we're actually traveling, rather than waiting to travel.

On the upside, after breakfast at the Wigwam this morning, I won my breakfast cost playing blackjack off a free-play bonus coupon. So that's an extra $17 in my pocket, and I hope a portent of good travel luck ahead of us.
Tags: travel, worldcon

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