Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
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Hugo Award Foolishness

There is someone out there spewing a bunch of disinformation about the Hugo Awards. I don't mind him complaining that the results don't reflect his personal tastes. I do mind him implying that the results are widely known among the "SMOFers" in advance.

Go have a look. I decided to reply in pieces rather than all at once. I've challenged him to go out and bid for a Worldcon that does the Hugo Awards "right" -- there's no legal reason a Worldcon couldn't do at-the-door Hugo voting -- or to propose changes to the WSFS Constitution to force Worldcons to do so. I'm almost amused that he really thinks it's non-trivial to have at-ceremony voting like a game show. His faith in technology would be touching if it wasn't so foolish.
Tags: hugo awards, worldcon
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