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Crossing Belfast

Today after breakfast, we purchasing a mailing box in which we hope to mail some things that aren't likely to fit in our luggage back to the USA on Saturday. The Post Office is closed Sunday, and also this Monday, which is the August Bank Holiday. We fly to Iceland on Tuesday, and there won't be time to deal with the post office then, so we need to pick out what we're going to mail home by tomorrow so we can take it to the nearest post office on Saturday.

We had several things to do today, so instead of using the multi-day transit pass we have (it starts running from the first use and we haven't used it yet; however, the discounts associated with it still work) we walked. We found the nearest Barclay's bank (with whom my bank is affiliated) so I could draw cash without a service fee), then went to see The Big Fish.

Kuma Bear and the Big Fish

Kuma Bear got to meet the biggest fish he's ever seen.

Kuma Bear and the Big Fish

This is the Salmon of Knowledge, which Kuma thinks must be the Golden Salmon's Number One Fish.

We crossed the river and headed for the Titanic.

Titanic Experience

This is the Titanic Experience building. We bought two tickets using our travel-pass discount, which helps offset the cost of the pass even if we do not get full value out of it as a transit pass.

SS Nomadic

Lisa was most interested in exploring the SS Nomadic, the last remaining ship of the White Star fleet and the largest existing Titanic artifact (excluding those sitting at the bottom of the Atlantic, of course. The Nomadic was built to transport passengers (mostly first- and second-class, although there was a small third-class section) from shore out to the White Star lines' large ships off-shore.

First Class Bear

This was where first class passengers' luggage was stowed. Look who showed up in first class!

Kevin At the Helm

I took a turn at the ship's wheel on the foredeck. (This is actually salvaged from another White Star ship that was sunk during WWI.) I wondered what they would have thought of me if I was wearing my White Star Federated Spacelines uniform?

Nomadic White Star Flag

The White Star flag flies from the Nomadic's bow. This ship has gone through a lot, including a long period moored in the Seine in Paris and a long period of neglect before it was saved and cosmetically restored and brought to Belfast for display.

Once we'd looked through the SS Nomadic, we went to the Titanic Experience building proper.

Titantic Stores

Lisa and I were interested to the current rotating exhibit, "Into the Stores," which displayed many artifacts from Harland and Wolff, builder of the Titanic. Not many other people were interested, though, and we had the gallery nearly to ourselves.

We ran out of stamina and did not take full advantage of the Titanic Experience, including exploration of the shipyard. Besides, it was raining again, and we did want to check in at Eurocon. While we could have walked, or possibly puzzled out a bus, we were lazy and took a taxi.

At Titancon, we registered without complication. We do observe that the convention badges have names printed in unreadable small type. G. David Nordley loaned us a Sharpie marker with which we wrote our names in a size you could actually read.

We hung around in the first-floor (second-floor by American standards) lounge area talking with people and also making plans with Feòrag NicBhrìde for taking the train out to the Giants Causeway on Friday. Cheryl and I spent some time in Program Ops seeing if they could sort out a plan for Cheryl and me to do a kaffeklatch about the Hugo Awards and Translation, but as of today it's still unresolved.

Around 6 PM, Lisa and I joined Linda Deneroff and Mike Willmoth for a dinner expedition. The nearby restaurant was booked up, but they have a sister location that had availability, and they not only made a reservation, they called a taxi. Unfortunately, I got an urgent phone call just before the taxi got there. Lisa sent the others on while I retreated away from the street to a place quiet enough to take the call. After dealing with the urgent business, we walked back to the Hilton, where they called us a taxi and we caught up with the others at Holohan's Restaurant, where we had an excellent meal and good conversation.

Mike and Linda caught a taxi back to the Hilton, but the Holiday Inn was only 950 m away, so we walked "home" for the night. I'd sort of hoped to get to sleep before midnight for a change, but there were lots of messages queued up. Still, I don't have to be up quite as early as during Worldcon, even though we have a long trip planned for tomorrow.
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