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Counting the Days Until Pitchers & Catchers Report

I miscounted yesterday; tonight was an elimination game for the Giants and a clinching one for the Padres. Alas, San Francisco were never really in this game, despite some minor early threats, and San Diego dominated, cruising to an easy 9-1 victory and clinching the NL western division.

The Giants now have four remaining non-meaningful games left in their schedule -- none of the games will affect post-season play, so they need not field their "A" team. That means we could effectively be in the first four games of next season's spring training, as the youngsters are apt to be playing more and the banged-up veterans allowed to rest. I reckon that if Bonds plays in any of the remaining games, it will be a token appearance of maybe the first two innings, so he'll get one at-bat. He's said he needs to lose weight and that knee will never be 100% again; I'm starting to question whether he really can come back next season at all. However, Barry really wants that home run record, and he's close.

I do hope Bonds plays in Sunday's Fan Appreciation Day game for which I collected my tickets today. I'm in Lower Box 135; the link takes you to a picture shot from that section, which is in the outfield near the left field foul pole. It looks like a good place to have a long foul ball land; unfortunately, I have no idea where my old baseball glove is. If I'm reading the weather forecast correctly, it looks like I'll need both sunscreen and a jacket, with partly cloudy skies and a high of 66F/19C, some wind, and a high UV index.

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