Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Recovery Day

Today I tried not to work too hard, and my aching back simply won't allow it anyway. I did go have breakfast at the Wigwam (and won my breakfast and then some on free-play coupons). It gave me some thought about the different breakfasts on our travel. The Holiday Inn Express had slightly better Irish bacon than the Holiday Inn Belfast, but the latter had mushrooms, as did the City Centre Hotel Reykjavik, which also had much better sausage (actually frankfurters, as hot dogs are an Icelandic thing). The buffet at the Millbrae El Rancho was nothing special, and the one at the Sacramento Crowne Plaza had good sausage and very friendly servers. But overall, I find myself always coming back to the Wigwam for the best overall breakfast that can remember. It's not fancy, but I'm never disappointed.

After breakfast, I limped home planning to make an appointment with the chiropractor tomorrow, and found that the eight-minute video (the piece of segment 5 of the Saturday WSFS Business Meeting that came off the backup camera) that I'd started uploading when I went to breakfast had finished. The eight-minute video took two hours to upload. This is but one reason I couldn't possibly have waited until I got home to do the uploads and instead had to give away 3-5 hours/day at Worldcon to go somewhere that had enough bandwidth to do the upload. I edited the YouTube playlist of the 2019 WSFS Business Meeting to remove the longer piece (which substantially overlaps segment 6, and got some people complaining because of it) and put the short one in. Add two more hours prior to that for when I edited that eight-minute video to add two title cards in it explaining why there is an eight-minute segment between two roughly 30-minute ones (Lisa had a problem with the main camera) and why this eight-minute video has lower-quality sound and video (it's the older camera and its sound pickup is only whatever it can hear through its inboard microphone). I'm just grateful that Lisa brought two cameras and ran the both so she had a backup in case of a problem, but other people expect perfection.

Much of the rest of today consisted of mundane tasks like laundry (not all done yet) and trying to account for all of the money spent on this trip. It could take a while to pay this all off. Meanwhile, we still have to consider how we'll get to Worldcon next year.

Lisa is spending as much time resting as she can. It's boring. And unfortunately, I'm starting to feel a tickle in the back of my own throat. Well, if I do come down with whatever she had, at least I managed to get us home.
Tags: business meeting, worldcon, wsfs

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