Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Trying to Recover

I still have a low-grade cold with a sore throat and mild cough, but it's clearly less bad that what Lisa endured; however, I wasn't trying to tough out a European vacation and instead have been mostly at home and able to sleep most of the time I haven't been working, including a massive 14 hours last night (that includes a couple of one-hour awake periods).

There are so many things that both Lisa and I want to do, but we're holding ourselves back trying to get physically well again. The Ireland-Iceland trip wore us out badly. Furthermore, I'm very much needed at Day Jobbe as we're shorthanded just as I come back from three weeks away. (I almost got called away to a Day Jobbe meeting at a regional office in the Netherlands, but I'll attend the one session that needs my presence by video conference call, so I don't spend two days traveling each way for a single day of meetings and probably infect all of co-workers to boot.)

I did, however, feel good enough to go "redeem" my free breakfast I won last Monday from the Wigwam, which was nice. Other than that, the most ambitious we've been has been to walk to the post office and back, which leaves both of us wrung out, and it's only about a 1500 m round trip (roughly a round trip between the Convention Centre Dublin and the Gibson Hotel).
Tags: health
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