Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Hazy Days and Lazy Nights

I've been doing a whole lot of sleeping this weekend trying to get over this cold. This morning, I awoke to smoke over Fernley.

Hazy Days

I don't think the photos shows how smoky it was this morning. I am not aware of fires in the immediate area, so it must be blowing in from other areas.

Breakfast at the Wigwam was good as usual, but I probably should have waited 45 minutes before going in, as they were completely packed. I was not in a hurry, and took the table-for-one by the window. I'm glad they are getting good business.

No real change in my physical condition. I'm coughing a bit more, but that's as much due to the smoke as it is the cold. I just have to tough it out, I guess.

One thing that I noticed when I changed my CPAP filter on Friday morning. After nearly a month spent in Ireland and Iceland, there was almost no particulate deposits visible on the white filter. Other places we've traveled (I remember Japan in particular), there was a definite dark particulate residue on the filter, which made me glad the filters are in place for my breathing air.
Tags: fernley, fire, health, smoke
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