Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Returned to Sender

The box of stuff I mailed to myself from Belfast on August 24th from Belfast arrived in Fernley today. If I had known that I had two Saga Class upgrades coming, I would have bought a small piece of luggage and put the extra stuff in it, as it would have been cheaper than the £100 it cost to mail the box; however, I had to make the decisions before I knew about the upgrades. Besides, it did save me having to haul around another piece of luggage with 7 kg of stuff in it, and by the end of that trip, I was really badly overloaded, especially with Lisa running on emergency reserve power and me carrying almost everything.

We're still not completely unpacked. The bug is still slowly working its way through us. I need to call the medical center where we took Lisa tomorrow and see if they will tell me what the results of the tests they ran on her were. If it turns out that it's a bacterial infection like strep throat, not a virus, I'll see about getting us some antibiotics.

The smoke has abated here with a change in winds, but the Walker Fire is still quite large, having burned something over 40,000 acres (about 160 km^2) and is only 7% contained.
Tags: health, worldcon

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