Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Fixing a Hole (Continued)

Putting the piece of foam insulation over the living room air intake to the former furnace was only the first step in closing off the heat leakage. The root cause of the issue was that when we removed the defective furnace and water heater (and converted the compartment into a pantry), we never actually closed off the hole in the ceiling, but only covered it with black plastic.

Frame Up

Here's the hole with four pieces of wood that Lisa screwed into the ceiling as a frame to hold a trap door.

Ceiling Bolts

Lisa inserted four combination wood screw-bolts onto which the door would fit.

Insulated Door

She then cut a piece of plywood to the right size, drilled holes in the right places, put weather stripping around the edges (just barely visible here) so it would seal tightly, and stapled ceiling insulation onto the upper surface. I didn't take a picture, but she also put a piece of the R-30 ceiling insulation into that vent from the living room to further reduce heat leakage.

It's a Trap (Door)!

Finally, she lifted the door into place and secured it with wing nuts. This should close off the hole (and significantly reduce heat leakage) while also still allowing access to the ceiling space when necessary.

Attic Vent

I didn't take pictures, but Lisa stuck the small camera (the one she used to record this year's WSFS Business Meeting) into the ceiling space, allowing us to have a look around without having to poke our heads into the space. There are two ceiling vents (this picture is of the outside east wall of the house) as there should be, but now they won't be serving as direct conduits to pour heat out of the living room and kitchen.

Lisa feels pretty pleased with herself, and I don't blame her. Later, she plans to paint the trap door and put a handle on it. I'll probably make a label for it that says something like "WARNING: Undoing wing nuts will cause door to fall straight down!" to warn anyone that there are no hinges on the trap door.
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