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Not Getting It

I am pretty much convinced that a huge number of fan fiction writers at AO3 have a completely toxic and utterly wrong understanding of how the World Science Fiction Convention, the World Science Fiction Society, and the Hugo Awards work. After all, one of them just implied to me that they are the only people who have ever won Hugo Awards who did their work for love, rather than for the Big Money, and that of course all of those people at WSFS hate that. I guess that means that every fan writer and fanzine publisher and fan artist has been lying and they were all paid millions of dollars, right? And that those of us who run Worldcons are only doing so because of the Big Money we're all being paid to do so, right?

Also, they're not going to be satisfied until WSFS announces that every single person on Earth who has ever lived or ever will live has won a Hugo Award. Oh, and that I personally have been burned at the stake.
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