Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Good Exercise

I do love my breakfasts at the Wigwam (especially when I win $31 off the free-play coupon I got for my $15 breakfast), but they are not especially good for my blood sugar. An hour after breakfast (even after a roughly 3 km walk) was up around 250. The weather today was just about ideal for doing work outside the house, and the north side driveway area had become unpleasantly overgrown with thistles and other noxious weeds, so I kitted up (per the icon), got out the Hula-Ho®, rake, and clippers, and set out to clear as much as I could. After about an hour or so, I managed to get most of the worst of the weeds cleared out, filling our trash bin (even after mashing them down) 3/4 full. I stopped cutting mainly because I wanted to leave room for the household garbage this week.

(We rarely use the full capacity of our bin, except when filling it with yard waste. There's no other easy way to get rid of it.)

Testing my blood sugar again, I found that an hour-plus of hard labor had taken 120 points off my blood sugar, and while 130 is still high, it's actually in the high-normal range, which is somewhat unusual for me. I'll call that sufficient for today. Although maybe I need to take another shower, as it was quite a workout for a desk jockey like me.
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