Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Back to Planning

Now that I'm recovered from the Worldcon trip, it's possible to start thinking about Westercon 74 again. One of the logistical challenges we will face is that I live around 200 miles from Tonopah, and there's not anyone on the ground locally for us. In particular, trying to trade off time for money means that we think there are a lot of things Lisa and need to do in the time running up to the convention. During our visits to Tonopah, we have seen ads for short-term rentals in the area that seem promising. I can't take two months off to run a Westercon (especially inasmuch as we do want to go to Worldcon that year, and that means allowing enough time for a projected train trip to DC). So one possibility would be for us to rent a place in Tonopah for the weeks before and after the convention. There is at least one place that advertises furnished apartments with internet connectivity. I'd need that because I'd still need to work at the Day Jobbe (which I can usually do wherever I have a good connection). We've got an inquiry in to the place and we'll see if we can swing it. Given that the pricing on the surface looks like being able to rent a place for a month for less than a week in Dublin would have cost (if I'd not been using points), we have our fingers crossed.
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