Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

For the Birds

We used the last of the birdseed in the feeder just before leaving for Worldcon, and after we got back, we were sick for a while, and then we held off on restarting feeding because of our painting plans. However, it does look now like we won't have the right weather to finish touching up the front porch paint (we got the most weathered areas done), so today I went out and bought a fresh bag of bird seed, refilled the feeder, and spread seed on the ground below and around the feeder.

Return of the Birds

Despite it having been nearly two months since last feeding, it took only about two hours for the birds to discover that the feed bag had been restored. We've noticed that this flock of quail had been going by our house anyway on something of a regular circuit, so maybe it's not such a surprise that they pounced on the feed. Pigeons and the other smaller birds showed up as well. I reckon they'll appreciate the food even more now that the cold weather has set in.

Tree Stub

As I mentioned yesterday, I trimmed the bush outside the front porch to mostly just a few long sticks. It's amazing to me how much it grows back from this stub every year.

Yesterday, while driving toward Reno on I-80 west of Wadsworth, Lisa spotted a herd of deer in one of the fields between the freeway and the Truckee River. For reasons I will explain later, we had to double back home, and Lisa counted at least twenty deer in the herd. I was not able to get a picture because there is no frontage road in that area that gets close enough for a good picture, and I wasn't going to stop on the freeway!
Tags: birds, wildlife

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