Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Leaf Day

Today is Lisa and my 23rd wedding anniversary, but Lisa is not feeling well, so she's spending the weekend in bed trying to get some rest. I, however, seem to have caught up on sleep, so after breakfast at the Wigwam and my first day of bowling in months, I got kitted up and raked leaves and other debris from around the property.

Looking for a Ride?

Yesterday, shortly after the quail and other birds had eaten their fill of birdseed, I saw one of the local rabbits hanging out near the minivan. Someone came by with a dog and the bunny tried to pretend it was a flat rock, sitting as low as possible with its ears folded back. The dog didn't seem to notice the rabbit.

I know that the chipmunks eat birdseed, but I don't know if it is something the rabbits like.

I made a little dent in the ground cover. I'm trying to get it raked away from the house, for it is a fire hazard. I can see from my walk after breakfast that many people are burning lawn debris today. Based on the radio scanner traffic, at least one person had their burn pile get away from them and set a tree on fire, which resulted in the fire department being dispatched. Fortunately, it wasn't a big fire and was quickly extinguished. If we do go ahead and get a burn permit and figure out somewhere we can safely burn things, you can bet that we'll have a sprayer hose and other tools close at hand. We did that even when burning things in green-and-hard-to-burn Mehama; with so much dry burnable stuff close at hand here in Fernley, it's much more important.
Tags: house, rabbits

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