Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Coming to Loscon

Lisa and I are driving to this year's SMOFCon in Albuquerque, and due to certain other plans not happening the way we originally hoped, we've decided to — for the first time — come to Loscon this Thanksgiving Day weekend before turning east and heading for Albuquerque. We bought our memberships today and made our hotel reservations, including the reservations for the road trip via Bishop south from Fernley and then east when we leave on Sunday. Part of the plan includes me trying to work each morning at the Day Jobbe to reduce the number of days of vacation I have to take.

If it's possible to arrange it, we hope to work on a joint Westercon 74 - Costume Con 39 information table at Loscon. We are not holding a party. Despite having been invited (for which we're grateful), we have had to decline doing Match Game SF because we'd have to carry all of the gear clear to Albuquerque and back, and Lisa would rather us not do so.

Our current plan for the return trip will include probably a two night stop in Tonopah, so that we can go have another look at the Convention Center. We hope to take more detailed measurements and to do some testing of how computers connect to the building's AV setups and how fast the included internet connections are. This is important because our plans for programming include having one program room set up for remote access, so that we can have panelists who are not physically present but are part of the programming, and so that non-attending members of Westercon 74 can also participate in programming.

And we expect to be taking a train ride as well. Some of the Southwest's tourist railroads are more active in the winter because the summer is too hot. We've made our booking and hotel reservation, but we'll talk more about it as we get closer to the date.
Tags: loscon, smofcon, tonopah, travel, westercon

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