Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Tooth Trip

Lisa had a dentist appointment in December, but a last-minute opening came up, so we went in to Reno this afternoon. After the routine cleaning and new X-rays, she spoke to dentist about the upper left wisdom tooth that appears to be binding that auditory nerve, which she thinks is what is causing the tinnitus. The dentist agreed to pull that wisdom tooth, and next Thursday afternoon we'll go back in and have the work done under anesthesia. The dentist says he won't guarantee that it will make the tinnitus go away, and Lisa said she understands and agrees, but based on symptoms, X-rays, and experimentation, she thinks this will help.

The dental work is expensive, and only partially covered by insurance, but that's one of the reasons for my healthcare savings account; it means we don't have to worry about the estimated $1275 in above-insurance cost, as we've been setting money aside tax-free and without risk of "use it or lose it."

We had an additional errand in Sparks. One of the tires in the Big Orange Van had gone flat. We took the tire to Big O Tires and left it with them while we took care of some grocery shopping. When we got back to the shop, they had it fixed. Turns out the valve stem had failed, which is a simply fix an about $11 worth of parts, with the labor covered by the tire warranty.

We would have gone home after that, but there was a big accident blocking the freeway eastbound, so instead we went to dinner at the Peppermill. By the time we were through with dinner, traffic eastbound had cleared. I'm glad we were not going the other way, though: there was an accident westbound outside of Sparks that had a backup that stretched nearly ten miles!
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