Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Happy Nevada Day (oh, and Halloween, Too)

Nevada's admission day is October 31, and while for the past few years the holiday has been moved to the previous Monday, we still celebrate it (such as it is) on the actual day.

Happy Nevada Day

Lisa flew our flag from the front porch in honor of the state's admission day.

It was a very low-key Halloween for us.

A Bear and His Pumpkin

Lisa carved a small Jack-o-Lantern with Kuma Bear's help.

Fernley House Jack O Lantern

Jack looked suitably spooky when lit up after sundown.

Because it's a work night for me and Lisa isn't particularly energetic, we did nothing in the way of fun in costumes this year. But Kuma complained, so Lisa dressed him in his Pirate Samurai costume and we went over to Raley's for some groceries and for Kuma to show off. Many people in the store liked Kuma in his costume.

There's a huge haunted house this year just a block or so away downtown, but I've never been much of a fan of haunted houses, and so I'm leaving it to the people for whom it's more their thing, and wish them a fun time.

Lisa and I did go for a walk after dinner, and I saw a shooting star in the eastern sky, and one of the neighborhood bunnies trying to pretend to be a rock or a bush so we wouldn't see them (the rabbit ran off when I played my flashlight over them). That's about all of the excitement we have this year. We're saving up for the Thanksgiving-Loscon-Arizona-SMOFCon trip.
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