Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

You Can Get the Wood, You Know

Renner Equipment Company of Yerrington is stocking the North Idaho Energy Logs that we can't get from Big R anymore, and even at about $370/pallet (roughly half again what we were paying Big R when they were selling them; I take it the vendor has upped the price considerably), it's still less expensive than buying cord-wood. In this case, as they were transporting some of the logs to their Fallon store, they agreed to bring them to our house (it's only about two blocks out of their way to do so), and the owner of Northern Nevada Cabinets down the street agreed to bring his forklift over to unload the pallets. When we got the call that the wood was on its way this morning, Lisa went over and told the cabinet guy. As it happens, the delivery truck showed up just about the time Lisa was at the cabinet place. As happens a lot here (because the street signs don't have the directions on them), the delivery driver turned the wrong way, but Lisa got her sorted out.

Unloading would have been quick, but the cabinetry forklift ran out of propane, so they had to take the bottle away and get it refilled, which added extra time. However, eventually we had two pallets of firewood on the driveway.

Got Wood?

These pallets don't come with an overwrap, just the first layer of shrink wrap you see on the pallet on the left. However, we kept some of the overwrap from pallets we bought last year and put one over the one on the right in the unlikely event that there is any rain by the time we get around to unpacking it. You must keep these logs out of the rain, or else they will dissolve, as they are really just tightly packed sawdust without a binding agent.

Although a pallet of these logs is much smaller than a cord of wood, it actually contains the equivalent heat of between 1.5 and 2 cords of dry split firewood because the logs are so dense and burn so well, generating little ash and smoke.

(Wood) Boxing Day

If the box seems bare, it's because yesterday I took the last of the logs left over from last spring from the big box and put it in the small box on the porch. The porch box holds 45 logs, and I've only been burning at most 5-6 logs/day even in this cold snap we're having, so we weren't in imminent danger of freezing.

Lisa started unloading logs today while I worked at the Day Jobbe. I offered to help, but she said she'd rather do it, and I am not going to tell her no.
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