Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Slinging Wood

Lisa moved the entire first pallet of logs from the driveway to the wood box yesterday.

Energy Logs Stored

This is the entire 240 logs that make up a pallet. At eight pounds per log, this means a pallet is just short of one ton of wood. It's so compact that we probably could fit most of the second pallet into the box as well, but Lisa would rather we use some of the currently boxed wood first, because the second pallet is relatively safe from weather wrapped as it is, and we know from experience that water can get into the wood box, particularly affecting anything in the front of the box, even with plastic shoved into the box to try to keep the logs dry.

In the meantime, today after coming back from breakfast at the Wigwam, I tackled a big pile of papers that, judging from the oldest dates on them, went clear back to 2016. Many of the papers were stuff I no longer needed to retain, and so I took all of the burnable papers and put them in the fireplace. As of now, about three hours after I did so, the pile of stacked papers continues to glow with heat, so at least I'm getting something out of them. I also found my clipboard, which has been missing for a while and which I wanted for the SMOFcon trip, so that's an added bonus.
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