Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


I have signed up to be a caucus volunteer for the 2020 Nevada Democratic Caucus. On Tuesday evening I am to call in to a live online web training for what do to on Caucus Day. Given how disorganized the process was last time around, I want to do my part to keep things rolling, because lots of confusion during the caucus leads to dissatisfied voters. Mind you, I don't have a strong personal preference for any particular Democratic candidate. As it stands now, the party could nominate a box of rocks and I'd vote for it. I'll be making the point to my fellow members that no matter who our party nominates for the general election, we do not have the luxury of casting protest votes or sitting out the election, as Nevada is a potential swing state, and (thanks to the foolishness of the Electoral College), Nevadans votes are over-weighted compared to (say) Texas or Florida. We have to show party unity. The Trumpist Party represents an existential threat to American democracy. Even as it stands, if "Dear Leader" doesn't get returned to office by the results of the election, I expect him to declare the results void and refuse to vacate the White House. It's sad that I have to base my hopes on the future of our country on the Secret Service having a plan to deal with a former president who refuses to leave.
Tags: politics

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