Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Pumpkin Spice Birdseed

Lisa dumped the carvings and innards from our jack-o-lantern out front in the same area where we feed the birds (and incidentally the chipmunks and probably rabbits), and we discovered that they seemed to like it. So as Halloween is over and our jack-o-lantern is nearly dead, we put him to work with one last job.

Pumpkin Spike Birdseed

I set Jack down in the feeding area and filled him full of birdseed to see what would happen.

Pumpkin Spike Birdseed

The birds were happy, but even happier were the chipmunks.

Pumpkin Spike Birdseed

Click through this photo into Flickr and zoom in to see one chipmunk with its head sticking out of the pumpkin while a second one stands up either trying to get inside or to pick off what the first one knocks out Jack's eyes and mouth.

I unfortunately cannot zoom any closer than I'm already doing with my camera phone, and getting out on the porch (instead of shooting through the living room window) scatters the critters immediately, so these are the best photos I've been able to manage.
Tags: birds, chipmunks, wildlife

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