Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Book 'Em

I now have all of our hotel nights (except one night in Las Vegas, but getting a room in Las Vegas isn't difficult; it's only a matter of where in the Vegas area we want to stay and whether we want to pump more points into my IHG account) for the Loscon-SMOFCon trip, and I've booked all of the vacation time. Rae Graham at the Mizpah Hotel was very helpful in looking up the room number where we stayed on our last trip and blocking us into that room. We're scheduled to spend the Friday afternoon while we're in Tonopah going through the Tonopah Convention Center with the long tape measure and documenting dimensions and doing other things like trying to connect computers to the AV system to get an idea of how it works so we can communicate it to the rest of the members.

On the other hand, I completely forgot about OryCon, where we intended to send flyers. We tentatively plan to go their next year if we can work out the logistics.
Tags: hotels, loscon, smofcon, tonopah, travel, westercon

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