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Head Full of Birdseed

The chipmunks continue to feast upon the decaying jack-o-lantern full of birdseed.

Pumpkin Feed Bag Pumpkin Feed Bag

When they get spooked (which is often), they sometimes dash underneath the minivan parked out front. That's okay, except I worry that when they jump up onto the front axle they're going to put themselves in danger when I go out and drive somewhere.

Based on how fat their cheek pouches are, I'm sure they're carrying much of this feed back to their burrows for use in the coming winter.

I also saw one of the local rabbits (it's been a few days since I've seen one), sitting looking forlorn on the other side of the fence and possibly wondering why I haven't left more food outside the fence. The birds (including the quail) and chipmunks can get through the chain length fence, but I've never found a rabbit inside of our fence.
Tags: birds, chipmunks, rabbits, wildlife

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