Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Rest While We Can

Today was a nice quiet weekend. I slept as much as I wanted, went and had breakfast at the Wigwam, won $38 thanks to a well-timed win and a bonus play coupon that also worked out, went and played bowling. I even managed to average over 100, which I did not expect when I couldn't seem to make a spare or even keep my ball on the lane for a while in my first game. Lisa and I went over and did a small bit of shopping, restocking things using various Walgreen's offers and refilling travel sizes for the Loscon/SMOFCon trip that starts a week from Wednesday. In about ten days we'll get very busy and will be doing a lot of driving, so we're trying to get as much rest now as we can.

Less restfully, I did also get yelled at on Twitter and called a Millennial (like that's a bad thing?) because I support trans and non-binary people. I pointed out that I was born in 1965 (I consider myself a late boomer as I was raised by my grandparents). I hope his brain melted at the concept that someone older than him isn't automatically a transphobic bigot. Regarding that "OK Boomer" thing going around, I've started saying to those people, "OK snowflake," because for people who claim to be Manly Manly Manly Men Who Are Manly, they seem awfully fragile about their identity; their entire self-image and self-worth appears to center on their genitalia. Makes me wonder how much they're over-compensating for something.
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