Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Early Thanksgiving

As I've previously mentioned, we will be spending our Thanksgiving Day driving from Bishop to Los Angeles, so we had our big Thanksgiving Day meal last night.

Early Thanksgiving 2019

Lisa cooked the duck with honey glaze today along with mushroom stuffing and corn. That's about right for us, and we really didn't need much more. Indeed, we were both so full that we had no room for the pumpkin pie that Lisa had made. (We'll make up for that later.)

I ran into Sparks after work to get the oil changed in the Astro, because I saw that winter weather was heading our way and I hoped to get there and back before it moved in. As it happens, I dodged it all. I saw rain all around me and also what I assume was some hail that must have fallen just before I drove through, but I escaped the rain while driving and got home before dark.

The rain moved in just after I got home and continued steadily through the night. Fortunately, I'd remembered to put the plastic in the wood boxes to minimize the amount of rain getting in to them. Unfortunately, I realized that when I put the small wood back back on the porch I'd forgotten to put one of the mini-pallets into it to keep the energy logs off the floor of the box; therefore, any water that does get into the box will damage the logs. I'll take care of that tomorrow, I hope.
Tags: duck, kuma bear, lisa, thanksgiving
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