Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Surrounded by Snow

The storm that came through starting Tuesday evening took an unusual path. Most of our weather tends to pass over California before it gets to us. Not this storm. Steve-the-plumber (who was here today inspecting the bathroom for some work he will do for us in December before he retires at the end of the year) said it was a "Tonopah Low" that shoots the moisture up from the south. From the pictures I saw from Tonopah (snow), I can believe that. It wasn't quite cold enough for snow to reach the valley floors, but this morning we had snow on all of the surrounding mountains and hills.

Winter is Near

The Pah Rah mountains are the tallest, so it was not a surprise that they got snow down to maybe 300 m or so above us. I didn't take pictures, but I was a little surprised when the smaller hills to the north and south of Fernley also got some snow.

Some of the snow accumulation on the hills melted when the sun came out this morning, but not all of it. I took advantage of the dry, sunny weather to empty the small wood box on the porch, put one of the mini-pallets into it, and reload the wood. Water damage to fire logs was minimal, but did happen. (The logs that started shedding went into the fire first today.)

Looking at the 10-day forecast is a bit unnerving, though, as next Wednesday when we leave for Loscon snows shows a potential for snow on our route of travel, particularly Montgomery Pass, the route of US-6 out of Nevada and down to the Owens Valley and Bishop.
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