Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Snow in the Virginias

As is my normal home weekend routine, I had breakfast at the Wigwam this morning and walked to the Frontier Fun Center to bowl a few games on their half-price Sunday-before-noon special.

Virginia Range

The snow that fell a few days ago is still present on the Virginia Mountains to the southwest of Fernley, although it has melted on the lower hills to the north. Presumably it's not getting above freezing up there, and also the north-facing slopes aren't getting much direct sunlight.

I had a good day on the lanes by my standards, rolling a combined 380 for three games. As I said on Twitter at the time, that might be the best three-game series I've ever bowled. I managed to get a couple of consecutive strikes, and had one five-frame sequence of marks. I keep thinking of signing up for bowling lessons (the cost includes a bowling ball).
Tags: bowling, fernley, mountains, snow

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