Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

First Fall

This morning, I was awakened a short time before my normal 4:40 AM alarm by what at first sounded like a train coming through, except that trains rarely wake me up and they aren't that loud in the bedroom anyway (we have surprisingly good sound insulation). It turned out to be high winds roaring through in the pre-dawn hours, blowing a tiny trace of snow.

First Fall

This very dry, light snow was just visible when I went out to get more wood to put on the fire. When the sun came up, it quickly melted, even though it never did get too warm today.

After work today, I took Lisa to the dentist for a follow-up on the tooth extraction. The recovery of the area where the tooth was looked fine. Lisa is still cautiously optimistic, but there is a long way to go. The "primary" tinnitus — the piercing tone like a smoke alarm — appears to have abated, although pushing on the wrong places on her skull (or washing her hair wrong) can trigger it again, so we hope that the pinched nerve is less pinched and is recovering. However, there is "secondary" tinnitus that's still troubling her. It comes and goes. Sometimes she doesn't need the white noise blocker. But it is improved.

We did a number of pre-trip shopping errands (Lisa needed new shoes and I wanted a new pair of slacks) and had dinner at the Peppermill buffet. It was quiet tonight, but it surely will not be starting soon. Even if we were staying home, we wouldn't go anywhere near the Reno resort restaurants this weekend.

On the way home, we started seeing that light snow start to fall again, and by the time we got to Fernley, we could see that it was starting to stick on the roadside. When we got home, I took a second photo of the wood box to compare the tiny bit we got this morning with the not-that-much-more that fell this evening.

First Fall

This was this morning's tiny deposit — hardly enough to notice.

More Surprise Snow

This evening's fall wasn't much more, but it was at least more noticeable. Lisa swept the sidewalk to reduce ice buildup. The clouds had blown out and the stars were visible, so it's apt to be quite cold tonight. What little snow that did fall will be ice in the morning.

We have one more full day at home tomorrow, and that includes a full day of work for me, so I hope I can get some sleep. Actually, sleeping is unlikely to be the problem so much as getting out of a warm bed at 4:40 AM tomorrow.
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