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Kevin Standlee

Winter Road Trip Day 4: Loscon Saturday

The middle day of Loscon passed much the way the first day did. We got off to a nice start with the hotel buffet breakfast, joined again by Father John and his friend Bob before heading down to our table.

I spent most of today sitting behind the Tonopah table extolling the virtues of Westercon 74 in Tonopah, and apparently some people though it was a good idea, as they put up money to buy memberships. Even as we were packing up close to 7 PM, there were people asking to buy memberships, and I was happy to oblige them. For Loscon thus far, we have added 16 attending members (including a few conversions from voting to attending), which is a 15% increase in total attending members and is very heartening.

CC 39 Table

Lisa Deutsch Harrigan staffed the CostumeCon 39 table located between Westercon 74 and the Memphis in 2023 Worldcon bid. SFSFC is the parent of both CC39 and WC74, so we are doing as much cooperation as possible. LDH reminded me how to use the Stripe application for taking credit cards for Westercon 74 memberships and loaned me one of SFSFC's readers so that I can use it with the Stripe application now loaded on my phone. We expect to probably use that a few times next weekend in Albuquerque.

Both Lisa and I did get away from the table a few times today.

Lunar Railroads

Not too far from us was a table for Lunar Railroads. Lisa here holds up a map of proposed lunar railroad development. We also got a stock certificate for one hundred shares of the Tranquility & Eastern Railroad (New World Incorporated), but inasmuch as the effective date of the purchase is November 16, 2160, I think it unlikely that we will ever be able to claim the shares.

After closing the table, Lisa and I went to dinner, where David W. Clark, freed from his Cargo Cult Books dealer table, joined us. The only significant break I took from our table today was to go to Dave's table, pay for the books and videos that Lisa and I had bought from him, have my copy (purchased from Dave) of The Adventure of the Peculiar Protocols: Adapted from the Journals of John H. Watson, M.D. autographed by Nicholas Meyer, and buy two autographed copies of Craig Miller's new book Star Wars Memories: My Time In The (Death Star) Trenches. (One of the copies is for Linda Deneroff, who couldn't come to Loscon but will be at SMOFCon next week.) On top of that, Dave had Harry Turtledove autograph one of his books that I was going to buy from Cargo Cult. I was pleased to be able to thank Harry later for having done so when I saw him.

After dinner, Lisa and I took several loads of stuff that we will not need for the rest of Loscon down to the minivan to get it partially loaded for our departure tomorrow. We hope to leave no later than noon because something Lisa wants to do and to give us time to fight our way through traffic on what is scheduled as our shortest leg of the trip, but one that takes us on the way east out of the LA area.

Lisa started to wind down as I made a brief foray to the party floor.

A Bear's Picnic

Chaz Baden hosted parties tonight and last night. They were immensely stocked with food and drink. Kuma Bear, of course, thought this was the Best Party, but even without his bias, I think he was right.

I very briefly stopped in at the Four Worldcons Party (next two seated Worldcons and bids for Chicago in 2022 and for Memphis in 2023), but I was very much starting to fade and called it a relatively early night.

I used to enjoy the convention party scene much more than I do now, mainly because I need more sleep than I once did. I'm happy that lots of people were having a good time.

Lisa tells me that we're going to be back here next year. It may be slightly easier to do the trip next year as we'll just be driving home after next year's con rather than driving to Albuquerque and back afterwards.
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