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Winter Road Trip Day 13: Albuquerque NM to Winslow AZ

Thanks to finding a loose bell cart hanging around in the Hyatt's parking garage, we were able to get moved out of our hotel room in only three trips instead of the anticipated six. We bade farewell to our friends who were hanging around the lobby waiting to go to the airport, checked out of the hotel, and just after noon set out for the first leg of our trip home.

Farewell to Waffle House

Before leaving Albuquerque, we had breakfast at the Waffle House, as this was to be our last opportunity to do for for a while, unless we should happen to be able to make it down to a Phoenix or Albuquerque-area convention, as there are none along I-40 west of Albuquerque nor anywhere west of Arizona at all.

Suitably fed, we turned our faces west for home.

Model Inspiration

We spent much of the day driving west on I-40 seeing stunning mesa views such as this one. Lisa tells me that this one was the inspiration for her model train layout. For more pictures like this, click through to look at my Flickr album.

BNSF Crossing

The BNSF ex-ATSF line stays close to the freeway, and sometimes ducks over or under it, as it does here.

BNSF on Streetcar Frequencies

At one point, we passed six eastbound BNSF trains in less than thirty minutes.

Just before sundown, we entered Arizona and stopped at one of the many Indian Trading Posts trying to separate tourists like us from our money.

Yellow Horse

Just inside the Arizona border is the Chief Yellowhorse Trading Post. Spot the "wildlife" on the rocks above.

Despite some trying minutes fighting the light as she drove straight toward the setting sun, Lisa got us to Winslow without incident.

La Posada Christmas

We are at the historic La Posada Hotel, a former Harvey House property that has been restored to its historic glory. The hotel is well decorated in holiday lights.

La Posada Hallway

This hallway leading to our room (located just before the second set of stairs) is full of pictures of celebrities who have stayed at the hotel over the years.

Our room has wonderful decor, and Lisa was able to take advantage of the jacuzzi-style bathtub while I worked on stuff from Day Jobbe that I had put off to this evening. The desk chair, however, is definitely not meant for spending extended periods at work, and I'm already feeling it. Fortunately, I only have to work four hours tomorrow morning before we set out again.

After checking in to La Posada, we initially tried out the Turquoise Room Restaurant, but found the menu overly sophisticated for us. (We'll have another look for breakfast tomorrow.) We opted to go to Denny's instead. This is not a knock on the restaurant. Lisa said, "It's just way over my head." Some of the dishes look great, but they also look too spicy for Lisa, who can eat oatmeal plain and like it.

Southwest Chief at Winslow

After returning from dinner, we got to watch the westbound Southwest Chief, which passed through Albuquerque earlier today, make its Winslow stop outside the hotel.

Tomorrow's trip is only 200 miles, so I hope we will have time after breakfast to explore this lovely property in daylight.
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