Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Christmas is for the Birds (and Chipmunks)

[Still manually crossposting while DW is unable to crosspost to LJ, which is why I left the title off this when I first posted it.]

With the wet, cold weather we've been having, I set out extra birdseed in the hanging feeder and in the increasingly-distressed jack-o-lantern below it.

For the Birds

The quail especially appreciate my spreading feed on the ground as well as the feeder.

Quail Feeding

The smaller birds not wanting to jostle with their fellows on the hanging feeder also partake on the spread.

Feeding Time

Chipmunk Christmas

One of the chipmunks that nests near here dashed in and scattered the birds.

Chipmunk Christmas

With much of the seed poured into the dead jack-o-lantern, there's plenty on tap for the chipmunk to eat and to take back to its nest.

As long as we move relatively slowly, we can watch the critters from our front window, or even from inside the Astro parked out front. While they'll scatter when we come near, we apparently disappear when inside the minivan and they come back once the doors close.
Tags: birds, chipmunks, quail, wildlife
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