Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Twice is a Tradition?

As we did last Christmas Eve, Lisa and I walked up to the China King Buffet for a Christmas Eve dinner.

Steamed Up

Coming in from a near-freezing Fernley night into a restaurant where the food sits on a steam table has an inevitable impact on my glasses. As I grumbled about not being able to see, Kuma Bear seemed unimpressed and was only interested in whether there was any fish on the steam table.

After dinner, we went out for another look at Christmas lights around town, in this case specifically seeking out one house that has a light show synchronized to holiday music broadcast on a very-low-power FM frequency. With the radio in the Astro partially disabled (the radio works but the display isn't working), Lisa brought a battery-powered radio to listen to the music as we watched the display. I'm not including pictures or video here because my camera doesn't work well in the dark; however, below is a picture of a different Fernley Christmas decoration that amused us sufficiently that I took a picture of it in the daytime.

Hot Dogs and Christmas Trees

Yvonne's Hot Dogs (which occupies the former Fernley Burger Shack, which itself took over from the Burrito Barn that has since relocated across town) wanted to put up a Christmas tree, but it wouldn't clear the roof of the shelter in front of the restaurant. No problem! Just pop off one of the pieces of sheet metal and you're good to go!
Tags: christmas, fernley, restaurants

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