Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Christmas Breakfast, Sorting, and Cooking

I won what I call a "free breakfast" from the Wigwam restaurant (enough winnings from gambling in their small casino to pay for a meal) and went there this morning for breakfast.

Christmas Tip

As the breakfast was effectively free and in order to show my appreciation to the people working this Christmas morning, I broke into my fund of $2 bills (which I keep for tips and annoyingly forgot to take with me on the Loscon-SMOFCon-Tonopah trip) to leave a $10 tip on a $12 breakfast.

Then it was time to walk home and start digging through the pile of mail that accumulated while we were gone. I had made an earlier quick pass right after we returned home to check for anything urgent, but there was a lot of mail left, nearly all of it worthless. However, I did manage to get a little bit of value of some of it.

Junk Mail Roasting on an...

I sorted the burnable (plain paper, not coated) from non-burnable stuff, set aside the things that had to be shredded, threw out the non-burnable trash, and tossed the remainder into the fireplace, along with the (sadly) no-longer-needed provider directory for my late sister's healthcare program. This burned for nearly an hour, which means it wasn't a total waste.

Lisa is roasting a duck with honey glaze again, which suits me just fine. When she went to check on it (one of the few times we use the large oven in the kitchen), I took a picture of it.

Christmas Duck 2019

The kitchen and living room are now permeated with the aroma of roasting duck.

In a couple of hours we will have our traditional dinner of duck, stuffing, corn, and pumpkin pie.
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