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Plumb Done

One of our toilets developed a crack in the bowl some time ago. It wasn't leaking, but such a crack would eventually fail, which would be bad. We called the plumbing company with which we've had such success in the past and asked for Steve, our "regular plumber." (He also cleans our chimney annually as a side gig.) Steve came by a while ago and confirmed what we'd need (Lisa and I gave him a box of Christmas cookies), and today he came and replaced the toilet.

This is Steve's last job for us with this company, as the owner has sold the business, and Steve has elected to move on to other jobs. From the way he describes it, it sounds like the best choice for him. It does make it more difficult for us, though, as there just aren't a lot of good plumbers around here. We got very lucky not just with this company, but with Steve personally.
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