Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Emergency on First Street

[Still no joy with crossposting from DW. If it doesn't clear up by Monday, I'll try contacting both LJ and DW.]

While I was having a light dinner, I heard the radio scanner light up with a medical call that was a address I recognized immediately as being the house opposite ours on the street that runs across the back side of our property. We are only a short distance from the fire station, so I was not surprised that by the time we got to the back gate, one of the rescue units from Station 61 was pulling up to the house. Shortly thereafter, a Lyon County Sheriff's department car arrived, and then, for reasons I never did learn about, a fire truck from Station 61 also arrived.

Emergency on First Street

This is what it looked like as we peered over the back fence. Obviously, we stayed on our own property and did not get involved at all.

Other vehicles came and went, including two other rescue units, one of which did not stay long and headed back to the station.

We learned a tiny bit more by going inside the house, where eventually the call on the radio was "10-79," which means "call coroner." Not too long thereafter, the fire and rescue units left the scene, although the sheriff stayed awaiting the arrival of a vehicle to deal with the deceased.

There were a few more details that I know about but which I won't include here out of respect for the parties involved.
Tags: fernley, fire

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