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Making Travel Arrangements

Making the Worldcon travel arrangements and posting the reminders about the SMOFCon Scholarships reminded me that I hadn't booked my hotel room or air travel for SMOFCon. Thanks to forgetting to do this months ago, I couldn't use USAir (ex-America West) miles to fly to Kansas City, because the only flights available at the level for which I have points are ones that would put me into KC at about 10:30 PM on Friday night, and I'd miss the whole first day. I even tried booking through USAir's Partner desk, but there are no available flights at those point levels on United, anyway. I tried looking into a red-eye on USAir coming out Thursday night, but the only routing went by way of Charlotte, which is pretty silly for a flight from San Francisco.

So there was nothing for it but to stump up the $270 for a flight on United that arrives in KC at 12:32, so I will arrive mid-afternoon at the hotel. The bad part is that it leaves SFO at 6 AM, which will be annoying and require driving to the airport, as there is no way to get there on public transit early enough. (The earliest BART departure from Fremont is 4:02 AM, arriving SFO 5:31 AM. While perhaps the earliest flights don't really need two hours advance arrival, 30 minutes won't cut it.)

There is no way to book a hotel room at the SMOFCon hotel through the internet, so I had to call to get the convention rate. Not that big a deal, but I prefer to book on-line whenever possible.
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