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Brief Dusting

Lisa and I had business over in Fallon yesterday afternoon. Fernley is, I think, the largest rural city in Nevada without a DMV office, on account of being too close to Reno/Sparks. Fallon's office is smaller, but usually less crowded. Not yesterday, though. Even though we had to wait for more than an hour, I think it probably was still faster than going to Sparks.

I'm glad we took care of this yesterday rather than putting it off, for today we had snow.

Light Snow

Light but wet snow fell off and on for about three hours.

When the snow came, I realized that I should have brought more firewood up to the porch from the main box. Because the energy logs tend to act like the Wicked Witch of the West when you get them wet, I don't like moving them during rain or snow. Not realizing how briefly we'd be visited with snow flurries, I dashed out to the box during a break in the snow to move wood up to the porch box, finishing just as the snow started to fall again.

After only a few hours, the snow stopped, the sun came out, and all of the snow not in the shade melted. I need not have rushed about the firewood.
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