Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Come for the Birdseed, Stay for the Birds

Yesterday after the brief snowfall, I went out and spread more birdseed in and below the feeder. Later in the afternoon, after much of the snow had melted, I wondered aloud to Lisa why there hadn't been more birds coming to take advantage of the seed. She said, "Look out the front window."

Waiting for Dinner

Perching on our front fence was this hawk. I reckon it had noticed the accumulation of smaller birds in the area.

Waiting for Dinner

Perhaps the hawk figured that one of the small birds would come expecting dinner and discover the hard way that it was the main course, not the guest.

We spoiled the hawk's plans because we had an errand to run now that the snow was off the roads. When we opened the front door, the hawk left.

We've seen some loose feathers around the property. I'd figured one of the neighborhood cats had gotten at some of the birds, but maybe it was this hawk or one of its brethren. I've seen hawks soaring around here, and sometimes heard them as well, so it would not surprise me.
Tags: birds, hawk, house, wildlife

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