Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Wood Storage

By the time we got the two pallets of North Idaho Energy Logs stored away last night, it was too dark to take any pictures, so I did so this morning.

Warm and Secure

This is roughly 1 1/3 pallets of the logs, which means it's the rough equivalent heat to two cords of dry and cured cord-wood. Thus it lasts longer and burns cleaner than the equivalent volume, inasmuch as the cubic capacity of the wood box is less than one cord.

Reserve Firewood

The rest of the firewood goes into the garage to keep it out of the wet. There are a total of three stacks here. (The third one is behind the two you see here.) The fire-logs won't stack on their own, being round and all, but we save the mini-pallets from past loads of firewood and use them to hold the logs in racks of six.

Besides a full supply of firewood, we recently refilled the new large propane bottle for the first time after the initial test fill. This time we charged it up to 20 gallons; the theoretical capacity is a little over 23 gallons. This is roughly three times as much as the small bottles hold. We therefore, between propane and firewood, are all set to face the cold weather still ahead, and that's good because it's been below freezing with wind a lot lately.
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