Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Bad Luck and Good

After work today, we went into Reno to look for a few things. Our first three stops were not so lucky. We wanted to price a new window for the living room, and Lisa walked out immediately when they explained that they only replace the exact same type of window; that is, if your windows open left-right (as opposed to up-down), they'll only replace it with the same type of window. One of the reasons we want new windows is to replace the left-right windows with up-down ones.

Stops 2 and 3 were camera shops for lighting Lisa wants to get for her camera. The first store didn't have the kind of lights she wanted. The second store wasn't there at all, as it had gone out of business.

At stop 4 (Home Depot), we were able to get some of the things we wanted but not all of them, so we'll call that an even break.

We then went to dinner at the Peppermill, where our luck turned good. I marked the same $10 keno ticket that I usually mark, and this time it hit nicely, and I won $78.50, which paid for dinner and then some.

We'll see how much my luck holds this weekend, as I put down $50 on the San Francisco 49ers +1 at -110 to win the Superb Owl. This means that if the 49ers win, I win $45.45 on top of my $50 bet. If the Kansas City Chiefs win by exactly 1 point, I get my $50 back. If they win by more than 1 point, I lose. I wish I'd gotten in there earlier when the spread was +1.5, but I reckon there's enough local money on San Francisco that it pushed the spread to +1.

I also put down a couple of "prop" bets. I'm cheering for a safety by either team, and if the came goes into overtime, Lisa and I will be able to afford an extra trip to the Peppermill buffet.
Tags: casino, keno, reno, sports

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