Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Winter Returns

Yesterday was a wonderful springlike day. The local wildlife enjoyed it.

Rabbit Rousing

It was warm enough that local rabbits stirred from their burrows and started foraging.

Hawk on the Line

One of the hawks took up station on a power pole across the street and kept a watch for a target.

Last night, Lisa and went for a walk after dinner, and there were absurdly warm spots, caused, we assume, by a storm pushing warm air ahead of it. It was also quite nice this morning when I went to breakfast and for a walk after breakfast. This afternoon, however, near-gale-force (30 kts / 55 kph) winds have blown into Fernley, sending tumbleweeds rolling, trash cans blowing over, and anything not tied down heading for the hills. Me, I'm staying indoors and watching the Big Game, once they finally get around to playing it.
Tags: weather, wildlife

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