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Spring Break Ended Quickly

Sunday morning was bright and pleasant and sunny, but things changed dramatically in the late afternoon. While I was watching the Super Bowl, Lisa told me to look outside.

Super Bowl Snow

Near gale-force (30 kts / 55 km/h) winds had blown into Fernley. Temperatures dropped from +15°C to -5°C. Snow was blowing everywhere. Looking out the front window, the little birds were being blown off the bird feeder, and quail were huddling in the lee of a bush.

Snow Birds

I kitted up and spread birdseed on the ground. The birds fled when I came out to feed them of course, but came back as soon as I went back inside.

Snow Birds

Birds continued to feed, getting covered in the blowing snow.

After the worst of the wind and snow subsided, Lisa came out and spread ice-melt on the sidewalk. Very little snow actually fell (maybe 1-3 cm), but it got cold very fast and the snow formed an icy crust. Lisa and I were both happy we had no place we needed to be today. Listening to the radio scanner, I felt for the police and fire services who were out in that weather dealing with accidents. A big accident just east of Fernley on I-80 was made worse when someone came along, ignoring all of the emergency vehicles, driving much too fast on an ice-covered freeway, and crashed into North Lyon Rescue 61, the ambulance/paramedic unit responding to the existing accident. While according to the posting, none of the crew were injured, the rescue unit was seriously damaged. NLCFPD only has three such units, so this is going to hurt while they deal with getting the damaged unit replaced/repaired.

Snow Kind of Day

This morning dawned bright and sunny and still cold. I swept the snow off the porch but left the sidewalk alone as I expected it would clear on its own as the sun came up.

Tree Time

The little spruce we bought for Christmas sits on the porch looking scenic all covered with snow. The metal can holds birdseed.

Snow Time

I set out a whole lot more birdseed out front. Birds came throughout the day. In fact, late this afternoon as Lisa and I were walking to the front gate, one bird flew between us to get to the seed bed.

To see how much difference the snow makes, here's a side-by-side comparison using a picture I shared here a couple of days ago.

Rabbit Rousing Snow Improvement

This is (approximately) the same view from the porch of the field next door. At left is from Saturday morning when one of the local rabbits was out and about. The second photo is this morning after the mini-blizzard.

Although there still snow about town, temperatures today got enough above freezing that most paved surfaces and anything that doesn't get shade cleared of snow by the end of the day

Meanwhile, the Super Bowl did not go the way I wanted. Near the end, as the Chiefs were making their (ultimately successful) comeback, I was hoping that the 49ers could hold them to a field goal that would have tied the game, and then that time would run out, sending the game to overtime and paying off $100 to me on a "prop" bet. It was not to be. I lost all of my bets. Fortunately, I'd only wagered the money we won on the keno ticket last week, so we're no worse off than we were before that dinner. I do try very hard not to wager anything I can't afford to lose.
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