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Salvage Work in Fernley Yard

Today a contractor, presumably engaged by Union Pacific or possibly paying for the privilege, turned up in the small Fernley rail yard with an excavator, a flatbed truck, and a dump truck, and proceeded to make lots of noise.

Cleanup Crew Cleanup Crew

They picked up all of the scrap rail laying about the yard and loaded it onto the flatbed. We're sorry to see them do this, because many of the scrap rails were laid between the yard and Front Street in an attempt to stop people from driving into the yard.

Cleanup Crew

Smaller pieces of scrap went into the dump truck. Later (and not pictured), they used a smaller excavator with a hanging magnet attachment to pick up miscellaneous scrap metal.

By the time they left, the dump truck was filled to the rim with scrap metal, and that's probably a a good thing, since it's easy to recycle. I only hope this is not a precursor to Union Pacific putting up a fence and blocking our view of the railroad.
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