Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Network Expands

Lisa decided that I needed a connection to our home network in the bedroom, so she went to work today on creating it.

Wiring Closet

This is the rack panel located in a closet off Lisa's "office" (the secondary bedroom). We bought this small rack from Weird Stuff Warehouse (R.I.P.) for only $25 shortly after we bought the house. The network patch panel we got from an electronics store in Reno that is also no longer among the living. You can see various conduits taking lines down below the house for distribution. There's plenty of room remaining, and someday she intends to run lines upstairs as well once we're ready to make the upstairs fully habitable (including heating and air conditioning).

This morning, Lisa went down under the house through the hatch in the kitchen and located a spot where she could safely drill through the baseboard into the bedroom. After drilling the hole, she had me help her feed cat-6 wire down the hole while she pulled it over to the wiring closet, up a newly-installed conduit, and into the patch panel.

Bedroom Port

Lisa then wired in a new RJ-45 port below the power outlets that sit beside the bed. There was initially some difficulty getting it to work, which she eventually traced to one of the ports on the patch panel being bad. She moved the wires to a different port and everything worked.

The yellow spot is a plastic bag covering a register for the house's furnace system, which has no ducts. We keep the registers wrapped to prevent them from leaking air out of the house and reduce the number of things that might crawl through them from under the house.

I eventually will probably use one of the older computers to run an internet radio in the bedroom. We get nearly no radio reception out here in Fernley, and what stations we do receive are not the ones to which we want to listen.
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