Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Brunch Date

Lisa and I went into Reno late this morning and had brunch at the Peppermill (one of the better value-for-money buffet in our opinion, particularly if you come medium late as it fades from mostly breakfast to mostly lunch stuff so you get one serving of each at least). As usual, we took our time with this and when we waddled away with the only meal we'd need for the day, we could safely take on grocery shopping at WinCo Foods (and some other shopping errands at Cost Plus World Market, West Marine, Office Depot, and Scolari's Market) without being tempted by anything.

Lisa had been up since much earlier in the morning that I had, and after we got home and put away all of our purchases, she pretty much was done for the day. I'm glad we got home when we did as there are high wind warnings up around here as a storm moves in. I hope we get some rain out of this one as well as snow in the Sierra, as the dry February we just are finishing is a Bad Thing.

Speaking of the end of February, today is the final day that people who voted in Westercon 74 site selection at SpikeCon in 2019 who have not yet converted their voting (supporting) memberships to attending can do so for the discounted $10 price. It's now too lake to mail it by postal mail unless you are close to a place that will give you a February 29 postmark before midnight, but it is still possible to send payment via PayPal to (or non-profit corporate parent). Starting March 1, a conversion to attending will be whatever the attending membership price is ($50 effective March 1) less the $20 paid to vote.

If you sent a payment in the past few weeks and do not see your name on the membership list at the Westercon 74 web site as having converted to attending, write to to inquire. Anyone who made a good-faith attempt to pay before the deadline will be accepted, as we have no desire to play "gotcha" with our members.
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