Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Still Split-Shifting

I continue to, at least a couple of days each week, fall asleep mid-afternoon, then wake up for several hours in the evening. Yesterday I'm not sure I would have woken up, but I got yet another robo-call wanting (in this case) to sell me solar home improvement stuff that they actually wouldn't have even sold me had I wanted it because I don't live in the Bay Area. (A lot of my robo-spam is targeted at the area code of my mobile phone, which I've had since I lived in area code 650.)

Fortunately, I'm managing to stay awake long enough to do the time-critical Day Jobbe, while I can put off the "get it down when you can" stuff for the "second shift" after I wake up.
Tags: sleep, work
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