Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

They've Got Our Power

A few days ago, I heard an emergency call-out for the fire department reporting a power line hanging over the road at "Main Street and Hardie Lane." Well, that wouldn't have taken long to respond to, as it's only about 100 meters east of the fire station; effectively it's just across the street. They reported a cracked power pole and summoned NV Energy. I didn't hear the end of the story over the radio, but Lisa and I saw the result when we next walked to the post office, which is on that same corner, diagonally opposite of where the power pole is.

Brace Position

NV Energy has temporarily braced the damaged power pole back in place pending replacement.

The Claw

You can see in this close-up the large crack through the power pole.

Lisa and I got the large propane bottle refilled a couple of days ago. (It was exactly one month since the last refill, which shows you how long it lasts.) Bob Hanneman asked if we had received one of the door placards from NV Energy. We had not, but looking at where the power lines run, we should have gotten one. NV Energy plans to have the power off for a few hours on Thursday night and then probably again on Friday morning of this week while they replace that damaged pole. We think we're on the same circuit, so we may lose power. But maybe we're misreading where our power line is relative to the damaged pole.
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